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Have a Great Experience with Sicbo at Sbotop India 

If you really want to win big, betting on Sicbo games in Sbotop might be your thing. 

The game of Sic Bo has always been the desired game to wager on.

Its name literally stands for “precious dice”.

It plays out as a game of chance for players. The game started out in ancient China.

The game mechanics involve three-dice combinations which players have to guess.

So obviously Sbotop has proceeded to adapt the classic game to its online platform.

Sbotop is one of the best online gambling websites to date.

It has been known for being a reliable source of gambling for over a decade.

Have a Great Experience with Sicbo at Sbotop India 

Have a Great Experience with Sicbo at Sbotop India

An attentive customer support team is there to address your concerns 24/7.

Don’t forget to be aware of any ongoing promos or bonuses on the website. 

Now is the time to register at Sbotop. 

Rules for Sicbo Betting Online

Getting curious about playing Sicbo Sbotop? We can assure you that the game will deliver as promised.

Before you play the game though, there are a couple of things to remember.

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One of the things to know is that Sic Bo goes by many names.

Sometimes the name is combined into one word. Sometimes it’s referred to as Hi-Lo or a few other names.

Different localities may have different terms. So if you see another title in Sbotop with similar mechanics, it may be a different variation of Sic Bo. 

If you want to know how it’s played, it’s really very simple.

Veteran players of the original title will already know the mechanics. Sbotop has pretty much been true to keeping those mechanics intact. 

Rules for Sicbo 

Rules for Sicbo

In each Sicbo session, you just have to place your bets on a table with named scoring boxes.

The dealer then gets a chest with the dice which they will close and shake.

When they stop and open the box, that will determine the winning bet.

Obviously, in Sbotop, there will just be a simulated representation of this. 

However, in Live Casino, live dealers may do this if you play the game there. 

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Sicbo Sbotop Bonuses and Bet Types 

Have we convinced you to play Sicbo Sbotop? Well here are some more details to help sway your choice.  

Sbotop India happens to offer some great bonuses for its players.

As soon as you deposit the minimum required amount, you can indulge in all kinds. 

There’s the Referral Bonus which gives you 500 INR for each successful referral. 

There’s a yearly Birthday Gift Bonus. It offers a Mystery Gift that could be a free spin, bet or something else. 

Sicbo Sbotop Bonuses and Bet Types 

Sicbo Sbotop Bonuses and Bet Types

In terms of Six Bo, did you know that there are several betting variants available? 

  • There’s Big Bets. It requires you to bet big amounts for the numbers between 11 and 17.
  • There’s Other Sums Bets. Players have to wager on what the final specific amount will become.
  • There’s also Double and Triple Bets. Players have to bet on two or three dice being able to have the same number.
  • There’s Small Bets. Players must bet on small numbers between 4 and 10.
  • Lastly, there’s Single Dice Bets. Players are required to guess the number that will appear on all or one of the dice.

Register at Sbotop India to Enjoy Sicbo Sbotop  

Sicbo is one of those classic betting titles that you have to try at Sbotop.

There’s a reason it has gained international appeal that has lasted this long.

The game is so easy to play that you almost don’t have to explain the mechanics. A platform like Sbotop India is here to assure you that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Register now to have the best betting experience ever!

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